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Be honest with your employees!.. sounds silly but if you want loyal staff.. tell them whats going on. Secretive meetings just make people feel shut out and rumours start and then people leave on the basis of a rumour. Remember that your staff have families to protect too and at least if it all go's tits up! they are prepared to deal with easier. Also you will find out who really are your loyal employees. Think about winning not just surviving. Think of it this way, if your good at what you do think of this as not a downturn for business but a good chance for you to shine and come out on top. This will sort out the rubbish and they will vanish but the companies with ambition will come out on top.

Make sure you make customers aware that they are dealing with a good strong company that will still be here after this ressesion and mean it..

If you don't already do it, keep customers deposits in seperate accounts to your main account and leave them alone.

Stuart offers some rally good advice and honesty, a foundation we are building the network on, is the key.

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