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An excellent idea and probably a good commercial venture in the long run

Philip thank you for reviewing our Learning garden.
Tejvan is correct it will be of commercial value in the long run but at present it is just a expense that we could have done without this year but we are now getting plenty of PR out of the project.
Our next challenge is linking this to the garden centre and ensuring we get linked sales and visits to the site. This project has meant that we have redirected our company aims a bit to become a centre of excellence for gardening in particular fruit and veg production, there are great opportunities also in the future for offering a greater range of vegetables being offered in the centre along with specialized products.
For the project to get really going we need to build a lecture room on the site, we currently have some rather dilapidated buildings which we will seek permission to be converted then go about a new wave of fund raising to get sponsorship to allow this part of the project to happen.
If anybody would like to know more details about the project or would like to know how we are getting on just post a note on the forum or drop me a line and I will try to get back to you. We do have a website where we are listing various aspects of the garden and also have started up a gardening blog for the punters so do have a look and would value any comments.

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