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The latest news is that domain has been found and emails sent to the address seem to be getting through but the useless twonks don't seem to be able to figure out how to sellotape the domain name to the website. The domain is there; the website is there; and you'd think that it can't be all that difficult to connect one to t'other, but apparently it is beyond the capabilities of the alleged "Senior Technical Support Manager" (I think that level of responsibility means he's 17 and started shaving on a weekly basis) at the company which claims to be Britain's biggest web host.

I'll post again as soon as there's any developments.

Thanks Philip :~)

Thanks everyone for your comments and Tony for taking the time to keep everyone updated with progress.

Paving Expert is now functioning again.

Thanks for keeping us all informed about it.

Thanks George,

I was delighted to help out.

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