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Didn't know if i needed to enter again but i thought i'd better.

This is my competion entry (again).

Hi Phil-Yes please please enter me into the competition-what a brilliant idea.

Please enter me into the competition

This is my free blog for a year competition entry

This is my free blog for a year competition entry.

I Would LOVE to win this prize as it would complement the website I've been trying to build whilst recuperating from a big op this Summer - (And missing my gardens dreadully!)

Hi Phil. Please can you enter me for the blog comp. It sounds like a great opportunity.

Thanks Jon

Hi Phil,
It can change my life,I have lots to offer but my English and my IT skills are far from being good enough to market my business.
I run out of budged or to be more exact of money after settling down in England since June 2007.

no grief at all (I had that but cant afford that anymore full of endless drive. I am full of 3 engines of motivation which are my lovely girls.

I have also lots to offer after having Great business abroad- I am full of innovative ideas and experience and pleased to share it all with everybody.winning the free blog will make me and my family more than happy.
please enter me in the competition.
Take care

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