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Its interesting that Christine thinks that she isn't BBC2 material, I once heard Bob Flowerdew say something similar. For me both Bob and Christine are real gardeners and people to listen up and take notice off and not someone to be laughed at beacuse they have a big woolly scarf dragging in the dirt or someone who makes you pull your hair out because they leave a rake lying flat on the ground. How many times do you see one of them with all the safety gear on when using machinery (which is the right thing to do) only to throw a rake down on the ground in another shot? To get hit in the face with a rake maybe funny if you're Dennis The Menace but in reality its not funny at all. Anyway back to the point, I don't take Gardeners World too seriously anymore even if they themselves do. Speaking personally I think they should have hired Simon Harrison Knibbs and his mate Ryan to present the show and so see some proper muckin' about.

Hi Bob

For me it typifies how out of touch television producers are with their subject matter.

Christine looks so uncomfortable on the One Show and it does not do her justice.

I just hope that she gets the right opportunity in the future.

Christine has been an inspiration; so down to earth and so enthusiastic,I am not new to having a garden but am new to enjoying one!I love to watch Christine and look forward to seeing more of her on tv.

Me too Julie. I think Christine has a great personality.

I do think she is a very uncomfortable choice for The One Show though.

Christine was my tutor at Capel Manor Horicultural College Enfield in 1983.She was every bit the passionate, inspiring , down to earth, funny and kind plantswoman she is today. In 1986 she asked me to give a talk about the great gardening writer and water colourist E A Bowles by virtue of my being a gardener in his garden at Myddelton House also in Enfield, "Say yes she said and worry about it later........"So I did , AND I DID!. However it came off quite well, and Ive been giving talks about him ever since. More than that, it gave me the confidence to write a book about him in 1997 called The Crocus King:EA Bowles of Myddelton House.Last year she gave me a terrific reference which directly led to my promotion to Senior Gardener of Myddelton House Gardens .
My Love and thanks you always.

Bryan Hewitt

Hi, I love the down to earth that Christine brings to tv gardening,I do hope they give Christine her own show again and ask her to do Gardeners World and all the shows the beeb cover,she is so representative of the everyday folk who love their gardens as I do, so come on BBC !!!!!! Bring our favourite lady gardener to our screens.

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