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That is a shame Phil - may they eat their own words. Nice to think that their view is that you are a threat, perhaps they might offer you a freelance job if they feel that threatened? By the way, they let me join...



The strangest thing about all of this is that my activity on their site will strengthen, not diminish their brand.


Hi Phil,
Really disappointed by the reaction of HW but not surprised.
Big companies/organisations always think that they can walk all over the smaller people.
I have been in our industry for 28 years and I always found it a friendly industry, well perhaps one exception. This petty action by HW makes me wonder! We stopped HW subscription a couple of years ago, and now we see no reason to renew it.

Look on the bright side... they must be worried about you.

Hi Steve

If Horticulture Week fail to change their strategy completely, they will involuntarily, continue to lose ground to good horticulture blogs that are out on the web.

No longer can an established brand claim the high ground because we are all in one great big melting pot.

Those that fail to interact and partner with similar businesses will fall away.

I had hoped HW had really taken everything about the new era of the web on board but I fear that they have not.

The only success that they have made from not allowing me to blog is bringing in negative attention and I am sure that I read on their site somewhere that everyone is welcome.


I have added the Horticulture Week RSS news feed to the Landscape Juice Network.

Any visitor who happens across this site will not have the opportunity to click through to the HW site as well.

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