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Gavin inherited his green fingers from his grandad who was a very keen amateur. Following his nan's death just before Christmas we became the proud owners of all of Grandad's books which include his handwritten notebooks and diaries of his garden. We also inherited his beloved roses and following some inspiration from the site on the subject of pleached trees are going to have a formal garden area with these as the centrepiece.

Sadly Gavin's grandad died before Gavin embarked on a career in landscaping but I am sure he would have been extremely proud to have seen a landscaping business bearing his name - you have made me all sentimental!

What a cracking story Lara - Keep us in touch with your garden.

I advocate looking forward for business but I love to look nostalgically back too.

I have an almost perfect copy of "The new illustrated Garden Encyclopaedia" Edited by Richard Sudell F.I.L.A. A.R.H.S. and the picture you show is on page 434. Let me know if you don't get your copy back. Mine belonged to my paternal grandfather

my husband died not long a go he had seven allotments i have come across the new illustrated gardening encyclopedia by richard sudell f.i.l.a., a.r.h.s. it was my farther i wouled to know how old it is and the cost black and white sketches mrs anita glover

I've got one.

According to Amazon it was published on 2 Feb 1950. ASIN: B003Z09OTU

I have seen various possible dates going back to 1930's and one seller saying it has an inscription or dedication of 1946. I have seen descriptions of others published into the mid to late sixties.


I lost my Father's gardening book, and am trying to track it down.

I can't remember the title or who wrote it, though.

The thing I remember is a poem inside the book ;

Serene he stands amongst the flowers
And only marks life's happy hours
For him dark days do not exsist
The brazen faced old optimist!

I wondered if this could be the book?

Do you know if this poem is in the new gardening encyclopedia by Mr Sudell?

It is many years since I heard / read the poem, so it may not be exact.

Many thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Kind Regards,

I have just found a little book 8 x 13 cm, 'Everybody's Gardening Guide' by Richard Sudell, published by Odham's Press Ltd, not dated. It is an unillustrated list of plants, their description, cultivation and provenance.

Anybody know anything about this?


Hullo. I'm back again. I was a little hasty in my description of Richard Sudell's book. It is a general guide, and it does have some hand drawn illustrations (Sweet Pea Trench; Turf laying, and others)but I don't see the picture about soil liming.

Thanks for your comment Ray.

I hope someone sees your comment and posts and answer.
I've been astounded to see how popular Richard Sudell's books are.


I have a copy of this book it was left to me by my Grandad. The lime testing grawing is on page 539 in my copy. It was printed by The Greycaine Book Compay in London Watford. I have had it since 1951 and used it ever since. I find it very usefull

Thanks for your comment.

Isn't it good that these old books are still being used?

I visited the UK in 2001 and while I was there I purchased a copy of The New Illustrated Gardening Encyclopaedia at a car boot sale with the name R. C. Owen, 32 Crescent St., Newton, Mont with the date 11th November 1934 inside the front cover.

It is one of several old gardening books that I have collected over the years and I get kick out of reading about the chemicals were used to get rid of the nasties and I would imagine that over the years they also killed off a few gardeners.

Hi I am Richard Sudell's grand daughter and I love reading your posts. He was a wonderful man and had the most wonderful garden. Roz

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