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It seems to be impossible to find wallflower plants which are the original bronze (dark red/brown) colour as all the suppliers have gone in for new pastel shades or packets of mixed colours.

Can you let me know of a supplier?

Try jersey plants direct
Mail order

what should one do with wallflowers when flowering has finished?


On some occasions you can cut them back and get them to flower for a second season but normally they are pulled out and replaced with summer bedding.

can I plant my robust plug plants into the soil here in Scotland, this October? Bought as small plugs, now growing away well in a tray, about 2 ins high. I don't want to lose them over the winter. thanks

Hi Alison

Yes, I think you could. There should be enough time for them to harden off before the really cold weather sets in.

I'd put them somewhere sheltered though.

I have a small bed ( approx 4ft by 2ft ) against a south facing wall. The bed is full of Wallflowers which come into flower around feb/mar. The plants have been there for six or seven years now, I do nothing to them ( apart from clip off any dead bits).

what weedkiller would you recommend spraying on soil before sowing wallflower seed

Ideally, Roundup (or products which contain glyphosate). Always read the label.

I buy about 300 wallflowers a year from Quantil of Lancashire. They do single colour and old strong shades as well as mixed. 300 is a small order as they usually deal with councils for 1000s. Very good service and until this last year very good plants. This year 2015 October the plants never really got going and flowers were sparse. But probably more to do with season and cold spring. Will use Quantil again.

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