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I'm not sure Toby was looking for a golf course finish here, not everyone has time to keep that sort of standard. And if Dan Pearson became the presenter I would have to stop watching gardeners world, his voice is really boring and hard to listen to for me, he has passion but he tends to come over all poetic and we need something more practical, give Toby a chance.

I didn't catch this Gardeners World but caught the one-off special the week before with Rachel De Thame planting up a 20 metre border. I don't know how she did it but she managed to drain the program of all passion. I know that if I had been given the opportunity to plant up a border with an unlimited budget, I'd be jumping around with excitement, running off all over the place in the nurseries and you wouldn't be able to catch up with me - real kid in a sweet shop time! I think that Rachel De Thame looks good on camera and knows her stuff but is one of the most boring gardeners I've ever seen.

I think that this series of Gardeners World has really suffered on a broader level as well. Watching the first program, I began to think 'Since when did a piece about writing the new theme tune and filming the new opening credits become a worthy topic for Gardeners World?'. I try to watch GW when I can as some of my clients watch it and it helps me to know what crackpot ideas they're going to come up with but at this rate, they'll all be running round their gardens with camera crews and the BBC Concert Orchestra. Oh dear...

You are right Druidbloke, not everyone has the time to keep their lawn in pristine condition but it does not mean that the wrong advice should be given.

I have no choice but to give Toby a chance, like you I was not consulted on who might be the right person for the job.



I think the producers would be really surprised if they went back to the Geoff Hamilton format for the show and how popular it would be.

Gardeners want gardening.

The fact that gardeners want gardening is probably succinctly reflected in the recent Wyevale activity and the revelation that they want to refocus the Wyevale brand on gardening and plants.

That is so weird Phil. I reviewed my comment before I posted it this morning and thought I'd tone it down a bit - I don't want to sound like some sort of 'Disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' type. Anyway, one of the things I edited out was that we're GARDENERS and we want to see GARDENING. At least GQT on Radio 4 is still a show about gardening...

We'll bow to your superior knowledge on the lawncare front Phil, but the GW programme (not the blog you reviewed) has been widely received with approval here in the UK.

He actually did some GARDENING and for once I didn't fall asleep half way through, which has been a regular occurence for me the past few years. So, TB's tenure is still to bed in, but the early signs are looking good.

Amazingly the most of the blogosphere and the BBC message boards are in agreement for once and give the guy the thumbs up.


I too feel the Toby Buckland deserves a chance to bed in - I hope that was the message I put across?

I felt strongly about the lawn advice and I hope I backed up my criticism with something of substance?

Maybe, just maybe, the producers of Gardeners World have taken the show closer to it's horticulture roots - something I would advocate for sure.

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