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Too funny for words.

No idea who does their website but to put "Best Viewed in Internet Explorer" on in 2008 is beyond belief and shows that the designer is either so out of touch it is unbelievable OR is technically retarded.

Great post Phil made my day after 6 of the most stressful weeks of my life, think I've aged about 10 years.

I note that the site is still showing the Google warning tonight Richard, some four days after I highlighted the attack on Landscape Juice.

I called BALI again today and they promised to call me straight back after talking with their IT specialists.

BALI demand the highest standards from their members as a pre-requisite yet they seem to let those standards lapse when dealing with their own business.

How can any visitor to the BALI site be sure that their private information has not been stolen or even worse, if they have made any transaction via a credit card through the site, their financial details.

I am rather perplexed that despite the potential severity of this problem, BALI have failed to issue any form of statement.

I will watch the situation carefully and report developments as they become clear.

I don't think some people "get" the web Phil.

Businesses through to politicians who are complacent re. the web are already on the way out. What they don't understand/get is that it is a presence 24/7/365 and that is scary. It means a higher level of professionalism than has even been demanded at any period in history. Every mistake can be seen, is tracked and noted and even worse can be held up by competitors as an example of poor performance.

Reputation management in the Europe is in its infancy but is becoming increasingly important and yet many successful individuals and companies don’t get it. Take this post, if you were unscrupulous and decided to optimise it so it ranked above BALI for their name the damage that would be done is immeasurable.

An example I used to give my students who were taking the business model. Was that companies are bought down by the people at the top not the workers. Chrysler would be a good example for 2008 - bought out by Cerberus in 2007 for over $7 billion and now looking like a dead duck, i.e. totally worthless. For years they have been producing very poor quality cars, as have a number of other manufacturers, however thanks to the Internet everyone knows they produce substandard cars and people have voted with their feet. I expect Chrysler to be declared officially bankrupt before the end of 2008. Was Chrysler’s downfall due to the workforce or bad management? I leave people to ponder on that question I know where my money lies.

This is either turning into a very serious problem at BALI or they are not too bothered about it because some five days later, their site remains on a Google warning for being infected with potentially harmful programs that steal information.

I have not seen a press release go out to media as promised to me by BALI and previous visitors, who may have landed on the site before the infection was detected, may still be unaware that there is a potential security risk.

As a member of BALI this comes as no surprise as to the lack of proffesionalism within there own camp. I have been a member for 12 months and intend to cancel my membership as I have had nothing but aggravation and poor feedback when I request something in return. Complacent , ignorant, jobs for the boys ethics..very dissapointed if they are the voice of the Landscape Industry in the UK.. again no response as to this matter, so long as we pay our subscriptions..!!

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