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I think its daft what the council has done. I am a new resident and I'm angry to here this story. I've noticed how the dog bins have not been emptied so regularly since I moved in - one of the many jobs that Kieth has done for years. Does anyone know a good way to put together a petition? - I doubt there a user of the lake that would not be happy to sign to support the cuase?


After six months, unless the council are lucky to find a clone of Keith, they will see the error of their ways.

To find a conscientious person who takes pride in his job is very difficult.

I bet there are many people out there who would find the thought of clearing dog excrement out of a litter or dog waste bin very disgusting but it is a job that has to be done.

If Keith is happy to do it and he is healthy enough to continue then it is something that Earley Town Council should consider in my book.

You can add to the petition on-line here

I think he (and anyone, who so chooses) should be allowed to work as long as they wish, as long as they are doing their job.

My apologies to Keith for this disservice. Hope you find a group/contract that appreciates your dedication and service. Good luck to you.


I am with you Stacey, if Keith Pope has been doing this job for so long (and he probably seen many bosses come and go) then I feel he should be able to remain as long as he is fit and healthy.

This comment on the petition sums it up for me "If this special caring man can look after our lake without a day sick for 31 years and wants to carry on, then Yes : I can spare the 30 seconds it takes to sign here."


I am apalled that long term loyalty and commitment can be so easily brushed asside.

Whatever happens I wish Keith all the best.

Most upsetting about this is that its been done in our name, by our own elected and accountable representatives- our town council. Its a blessing there is something we can to ensure he is reinstated. The Reading Chronicle have ran another story on it this week -"Campaign for Keith" See We are grateful to our councillors who do a lot of work for us. Sometimes though, they follow the advice of the council officers, without knowing the feelings of the community they act for. Once the community feeling becomes known, they are obliged to follow. I served in local government for nearly 20 years. I am totally certain that the Guardian of Our Lake will be reinstated, so long as we say so as-one.... and thanks to today technology, this is easier than ever ....

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