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hi just read your Gardening advice on How to lay a new lawn (turf)
but could you please teel me the best time to lay turf. thanks

great site by the way!

Hi Sam

The autumn is the best time to lay turf. You are still OK now but the longer you leave it and the less warmth that there will be in the soil.

October would be my ideal time but you can lay at any time of year.

The spring is another good time but be prepared for watering if the turf becomes too dry.

Also consider the weather suddenly turning hot which means that the new grass roots can suffer with stress as they try to grow rather than thrive.

In the Autumn, the weather will slowly cool and the grass will go into a period of semi dormancy and burst into life when it warms in the spring.

Grass is never totally dormant, regardless of air temperature.

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