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Piers never was one to pull his punches. And yes - the law can often be an ass.

this is not entrapment & entrapment is not a defence

R v Loosley

I must say I am much more concerned about the collectively vast quantities of insecticides, fungicides and weedkillers that Shoots (along with all other garden centres) sell in the course of a year.

These substances are likely to be doing far more harm, insidious as it may be, to our natural world, and on a much wider scale, than the odd pruning saw. Indeed, the drive to the garden centre is likely to present more 'danger' than what happens with the saw afterwards.

But will you read sensationalist headlines in newspapers, local or otherwise, about how garden centres sell toxic chemicals that professional growers must, by law, keep locked in sheds, and how they must wear full protective clothing when using them, after undergoing mandatory training?

I'm not holding my breath.

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