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I should just point out that the Guild has given awards for websites and digital media since the turn of the millennium so its 'embrace' of the internet is far from new.

And you misrepresent our original conversation which wasn't about your critique of the Guild's website. The so-called 'slap on the wrist' was about a different blog of yours which misreported events at the 2007 Awards Lunch, which you didn't attend. Hopefully, you will attend next year, whether or not you decide to enter for an award, so that you can report what actually happens.

Hi Simon

Thank you for your comment - How do we define 'embrace'?

I have to apologies too. You are right, I used the 'slap on the wrist' reference wrongly but, I took on board what you said to me on that day and learned a lesson from you for which I am grateful.


Phil Voice

'Embrace' is something that we might have to do if you are going to continue in such gracious vein...

...and 'embrace' is exactly what the Guild did in 2000, according to

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