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Another great article Phil, however, I suspect that your advice not only falls on deaf ears but is also too late to stop what is about to happen to the (formerly print industry RIP).

Anyone in this area who has not been proactive and multi-streamed their income by now faces the most monumental of uphill struggles and unless they have very deep pockets I doubt that they will be around in 18 months time.

It’s a brave new world and I wonder how many of us will be around to see it?

Thanks for your comment Richard

I have little sympathy for anyone who gets themselves into trouble financially, especially if they are the boss or finance director, if they did not consider that the good times had to end.

Anyone who has read Landscape Juice for the last two and a half years could not have helped but notice that I have ranted constantly about a looming recession.

It is not something I lightly talked myself into but a genuine interest in economics and daily study of the financial markets.

There are still commentators in the UK horticulture industry who are asking us to prepare for the upturn but it is a different world now and we are in survival mode.

There are some fantastic opportunities though as big businesses fail for the little guy to get a bigger piece of the action.

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