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YP came to the Internet party late...I don't expect them to make up the ground. Their only option it to buy up all the competition and then come in second place to the search engines. Not sure why they don't just ditch the directory period, so few people use it.

Any landscaper who works on estates will testify to how many copies just lie outside near the bins still in their covers.

Same with newspapers...some got it some time ago and have a strong presence others...

That is my view too. I bet the Oakhanger Parish News is a much better source of local advertising than Yellow Pages.

Richard, you may find this interesting -

I wrote this article a year ago and it was circulated via a press dispensary to many editors. Not one of them ran with it.

I received a message back, via the press agent, from Trevor Ledger who is the editor of The Golf Course who said I was talking out of my bottom.

I note with irony that The Golf Course now has a digital version of the magazine.

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