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Every bit right. Magazines were probably started by someone once too, maybe even buffoons!

But is content really blossoming in this brilliant new freedom and opportunity, or are we just replicating and repeating same old stuff?

XXXx Anne

Hi Anne

Thanks for your comment.

Just to clarify my position...magazines will not disappear in my view but all printed media must drop, consolidate, restructure and rationalise until it is possible to build from a stable base.

I agree with you that a lot of content is being re-hashed but quality will always surface.

All the best


Again, I agree - at least re printed media survival - radio and film show how media considered doomed survived happily alongside new media, even to re-blossom.

But current magazine editors believe that garden readers want bland, cosy, repetitious celebrity writing: anything that won't frighten the horses. Are you so sure they are wrong: and if so, on what basis?

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