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I agree that the salary of £13k is embarrasingly low for a "horticultural expert" but in these uncertain economic times, i'm sure they will recieve willing applicants.

On a similar note, i also noted a vacancy in Wetherby, near Leeds for a lead Gardener in charge of one member of staff, and to carry out lanscape and maintenance duties for the sum total of £13k per annum.

Thanks for your comment Duane.

I am sure you are right about there being willing applicants but I do find it hard to swallow.

Especially as many are saying that garden centres are probably better placed to avoid the worst of the recession.


Salaries are always an interesting area for discussion.
What is the value of a job, few people would consider the valueof the contribution made to mankind of say a footballer or musician to be greater than say a heart surgeon but they are often paid more.
While there is a market economy salaries will to a large extent be determined by supply and demand.
If Wyevale need a person to fill this position and cannot recruit anyone at the salary they are currently offering, then they will eventually offer more money.

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