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Great article Craig, another step towards the world being a more open platform for us all to work, trade and communicate on. Thank for the chat earlier.

Hi Kevin, glad you enjoyed the piece and hope it sparked a few thoughts and ideas.
All the best, Craig

Craig I must admit that since joining the LJN, reading your many articles and adopting many of your ideas my business and my confidence in business has increased remarkably. Many of my clients comment that they have been following me on my Twitter acount or through my personal Facebook or business Facebook accounts, and I think they welcome the transparency that my use of these networks offers.

All the best and many thanks, Nicky.

That's great to read Nicky!!!

Very true Craig,
While I worked in a big garden centre for few month I noticed same thing that it's power is the huge selection.

but real quality come from extra points like quality as you said.

Mostly agree with LJ being great for quality.
I many times mention to customers proudly that I am a member of LJ so can get answers for questions, I think that it make you look more professional too.

good luck


This is the whole structure of our garden design and landscaping business at

I have many clients now friends who are directed to LJN whilst I'm on a consultation.

I trust LJN will go from strength to strength.

I agree as well. The added benefit of the extra text is that google finds it and multiple mentions of the product on the one page when the customers add comment.

And there will be regular fresh content for it to find as new comments are posted. Which will draw it back to the site and e-index it on a regular basis.

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