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I think its silly for ian peglar to think that without the right ingredients and budget, that heston would have been able to create the food that he wanted, Ian contradicted himself on more than one occation as well as in writing that he reads aloud himself. Little chef should be bought out by another chain as there is no hope for a chain that is reluctant to afford the proper equipment and staff.. Heston, your a top man.

Thanks for your comment Andrew but my feeling is that it was a mis-match from start to finish.

Kind regards


The Little Chef is a previously successful business model and favourite British institution that is just a victim of a shift in market places and contributions from other roadside fare.

Don’t disagree with the comment Phil, however, from observing many businesses…businesses fail because the people at the top take their eye off the ball.


OK so they have a menu sorted out, everyone agrees that the food is good; the critics gave it the thumbs up. But who are LS’s target market? Certainly not the people that turned up for the celeb opening!!!

Now the battle starts they have to rebrand LC into a fine® food eatery, IMHO that will never happen. Gut reaction and without knowing the catering trade, I would have thought 75%+ of LC’s customers are passing trade who want a quick stop off with either a choice of quality but filling stodge (fish & chips) or to plug a quick gap with a tasty snack – no one company (with roadside positioning) has that market in the UK… I’d kill for easy to access, places serving quality food when we are out and about in the UK, SIMPLE QUALITY FOOD not the plastic fantastic that is currently served BUT I don’t not want to sit down and enjoy a meal. And…if I did want to enjoy a meal, stopping at a LC would not even enter my mind.

I would put money that the experiment fails. Good publicity for both parties but a hideous affair to watch, either badly edited or neither party really talked to each other. Either way, so little background info that the whole thing looked like a car (strung out, over 2 programmes) wreck.


Sorry that went on longer than anticipated…

To get to the point, your analogy about garden design is correct. Whilst we are no longer involved in garden design but we may still look at the landscaping side (softscaping only) – I don’t think that most clients really know what they want. Most simply do not have the education (in terms for gardens and their design), so why they.

A programmer and I started working on some software, which involved being able to insert 360 degree images of an existing landscape and being able to drag and drop in hardscaping and plants. There was also some software that would show the growth of plants over a period of time. We wanted to be able to combine the two…but it never came to anything, however, I do think there is a future in being able to use technology alongside a client to achieve the best of both worlds, clients requirements and designers knowledge.

Hi Richard

I think that last nights show confirmed to me what you have just said. Heston Blumenthal had confirmed he can cook great food in a tiny Little Chef roadside diner.

There will be buyers of his food in the short term but I feel not the mass needed to make it successful.

The project may actually have signalled the end rather than a new beginning in my opinion.

Hope you are well?


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