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A website that really helped me when enduring boundary disputes is
It just really helped to know who owned what land/rights of way etc. and we mananged to sort things out a lot quicker

Thanks for the heads up Sandra

My neighbour took bricks from my low level wall at the front of my property then hacked back the hedges and laid paving slabs down on the far side of the hedges. He stole a metre of my land and now the new residents who new he did this, because he told them about it - are now claiming that land is theirs. It happened in 1990. came to live here in 1997 - what chance did I have of knowing what he did?

My new neighbour has only lived next door since 2002 and the dispute began in 2008 - it has so far cost me £10k.

£10k to win back land I am already paying for through my mortgage and they are using! It is disgusting -please sign my petition:-

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