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When I worked at the then Jackmans Garden Centre around '86-'87, I remember one day a customer looking for around 10 plants, all of which had been discovered at Jackmans for a Woking themed garden.

As the business by then was just a Garden Centre, with none of it's own production. I remember that it was pretty difficult to find even one of the plants, and from memory the customer left with one.

Growing up in Woking, and living for most of my life just 5 minutes walk away from the Jackmans site, is perhaps what lead me into Horticulture.

Now, as times change Jackmans is a Wyevale, but that's progress I guess?

The Brookwood Hospital site mentioned, which I drive past every day is now a Sainsbury's and housing development, more progress?

Hi Steve

It feels all the more real when so close to home doesn't it?

Nurseries and garden centres have gone the way of the banks imo. Huge and impersonal and lost that 'local' and 'family' feel.

I saw this beautiful clematis at the Spa Centre, Simpsons at Branston Hall Hotel, Lincoln, it was a white one, can you advise me please where I could buy one.

It's good to see some determination with 'Belle'. As the saying goes, third time lucky.

Steve's right though, as time goes on, all the places I remember from my childhood are being turned into flats or shops.

I am the great, great great great grandson of William Jackman, my sister has done a fairly comprehensive family tree.We, of course, have a Jackmanii clematis in our garden and will now be endeavouring to find a Belle of Woking.
Richard Jackman, Camberley

I hope you will forgive me for asking you if you have a daughter called Pamela, and if so, whether you would mind my asking you how she is. Pamela and I were both students at Miss Hobbs' Tutorial College in Guildford High street, in the 1950's. I know that Pamela went on to read History at Oxford but I lost touch with her, and over the years I have often wondered how she is.It occurred to me recently to try writing to 'Jackmans Nurseries' on the Net. I would be so pleased to hear from her.

I grew up in Woking and lived in Knaphill ,2 minutes walk from Jackman's Nursery.I used to go there when it was a plantsman's nursery. I bought a few of their cultivars, Belle of Woking included.Moved up here to Wales since and it's still going strong and been repoted a few times since, still producing those gorgeous flowers.

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