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Thanks for the photo Phil.

Grasses in the garden supplied by plants to go...

I find this sooooo interesting...I have been hosting a discussion on my blog - studio 'g' ( about garden shows and festivals. I am in New England and our regional show (the oldest in the US) is not going to take place this year. There are many reasons for this, but (I think) it is largely due to the fact that US shows are stuck and need to desperately re-invent themselves - perhaps like so many outside our borders - and hopefully in the process of making a more useful and esciting show, they will help raise up all of the related professions at the same time. (having lived in the UK for a while...I can attest to the backwardness of the US when it comes to environment, gardens, landscaping etc.)
anyway, I would love for anyone with an interest to come by and comment on the discussion -- our local organizers are reading...perhaps you can offer insight they can use to make a US based show that is worth attending.

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