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I could really put one of these to good use

Men and their toys..

My Husband would be over the moon with this prize......

I have a new new house a new lawn and no money- this would be a blessing!!

Jon Bristow

This would be indispensible - please enter me for this prize :-)))

This would be a great addition to my lawncare tools - please enter me for this prize draw. Thanks!

Just what the doctor ordered!

just what our grass needs, a jolly good tonic!


great prize !

This would be a fantastic help

It would be a great asset for my garden

Please can you enter me, this is a great prize and my garden could do with some TLC at the moment.

This could be put to very good use! My grass certainly needs some TLC.

Would be extremely useful as grass has been burn when I had a bonfire!

Great site I will visit again

What a wheeley neat gadget, wheel make life so much easier

This would be really great as a gift for my husband, who loves his garden and is just getting out and about again
after his hip replacement

Ooo! Me too please.

This would be a bonus to make my grass greener on my side of the fence!

wow just what my lawn needs

Just what my lawn needs

My lawn is in desperate need of this!

Just the ticket for my lawn.!

wow my lawn needs this (well it will when i HAVE a lawn!)

I could walk up and down and think about all the goodness I would be putting in!!

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