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I moved into my house last summer - for the first time in my life I have a lawn. I am learning and hoping to be able to coax the lawn to display its former glory. This tool looks like it could help me with my challenge as well as looking so easy to use.

strictlyhg said wow this would be an amazing tool and would realy be appreciated in my garden

Please can you enter me, this is a great prize and my garden could do with some TLC at the moment

PLease enter me to the competition!

Please enter me - my poor lawn is half dead!

Great website, and great prize - enter me please!

This would a fab prize for me, family and friends.

Take Care All :)

Me want!

I want this

This would make my life so much easier.

My lawn is in desperate need of this and would be really grateful for some nice food

we have a very large lawn, this would be great.

This would be ideal for my new lawn

Need for my lawn!!

My hubbie would love this, he trying to get a bowling green lawn and i think this would help loads

Scotts EasyGreen rotary fertiliser spreader versus my cats and dogs - who will win? I'd love to find out!!!

would love to win as im just starting off my gardning skills lol

Spread the love

my lawn would be very grateful for this

lush a bye baby

I could really do with this if you saw the state of my lawn you would agree!

This would help my poor OH as his health is not good but he loves to tend his garden

My lawn could do with all the help it can get!

Great Scott!! Please enter me into the competition!

Help my husband to maintain the 'green, green grass of home' rather than resorting his Tom Jones impersonation!

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