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When I worked in a retail garden centre, on a customer training course I learnt an interesting angle on this.

There is no such thing as "difficult customers" but sometimes you will come across "customers with difficulties".

A nice way of thinking about life, and smile!

I obviously need to go on quite a few more courses!

I can very much understand your points in your article, but in essence your customer with difficulties has become by the sounds of it a major problem, whilst they live on un-touched by their actions.

I think that your comments like putting up your fees to compensate are correct. You, as most Designers set out to do a professional job. It appears that your customer is simply playing one off against another to get what they feel is the best deal for them.

Often though in life, the best deal is not the cheapest deal, and they will learn that you get what you pay for.

I guess my real point is that you have had all of this hassle just trying to do your job properly. Rise above it, let them have their difficulties, you are better than that. Good luck.

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