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You present the case well - and I agree. Lecturing at the University of Edinburgh, John Byrom told us that the Landsape Institute was 'partly a learned society and partly a trade union'. It now seems to be splitting along this fault line. The only thing to be said in favour of the split is that neither job has been well done. Operating as a learned society would have required serious publications - not a 'magazine'. Operating as a trade union would have involved protecting the interests of existing members,as the Transport and General Workers Union used to do, or promoting the skills of its members, as a modern Union should do. The 'Position Statements' the LI is publishing are not researched or referenced publications and are likely to achieve little in the way of promoting the scope of the profession's activity. Its a shame. We have a wonderful subject and a disappointing profession.

The Landscape Institute has long served the personal interests and advancement of a clever few who have exploited it mercilessly for self-promotion and gaining commercial advantage at the expense the professionals who subscribe to it.

The results are now before our eyes. The best thing that can happen is for it to go bust entirely and start afresh.

What a great Shame

In order to exemplify how lost and incompetent the Landscape institute Council has become, I quote from the Financial Statements for 2007-2008:

"In addition to the assets reflected above, the Institute has a significant archive of historic Documents, incluidng a particularly the Geoffrey Jellicoe Collection, and the Martin Jones Photo Collection. It has been decided not to attribute a value to these heritage assets as cost information is not available and it is not considered practicable to reliably value them"

What? Not even one pound sterling? Not even the cost of yearly safe storage in a vault?

This was signed by Neil Williamson the 27th of October of 2008, weeks before the LI attempted to dispose of the Archive against its members wishes.

To me, it looks like asset stripping of the worse kind, through the back door, with fairly malevolent intention.

Mr Williamson must resign now.

Please see my blog on this sorry afair for furhter information:

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