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No swallows round here yet - I hope you're theory that their late arrival suggests a warm summer is correct! We're enjoying a pretty fine spring so far - working in shorts and t-shirt earlier in the week! - so lets hope there's more to come.

Ours always turn up on the 15th April but we live in the Cotswolds. I've seen swallows in the UK in late Feb before but that's very unusual.
I've checked the Birdguides website and Swallows have been seen in Herts and Suffolk today.
Spring....BRING IT ON!!!

Where are the swallows and swifts this year and the house martins? We live in the South Hams Devon but we have not seen any so far. It's the end of May and they normally have been here several weeks by now.
Also we have noticed very few fledgling sparrows around. We have plenty of goldfinches, chaffinches, even bullfinches, a pied woodpecker, robins and wrens, blackbirds etc but no swallows etc. anyone else notice?

Down here in sw France I've noticed there seems to be far less swallows this year. Swifts, even less so.

When we bought our farm, back in 2004, we would easily count +100 swallows sitting on the electric wire outside our house.

Saying that, our house was not lived in for the forty years prior to our arrival so the house and barns made a great nesting site.

Swallows in Mullion Cove at 16:00 hrs on 13/04/2016

I had the male arrived on the 16th April on the 17th a second male arrived on the 18th April. They are waiting for the females arrival, which last year was 29th April 2015.But today is the 3rd May and the females still have not arrived.

swallows arrived in Gloucestershire today, 30/03 /2017

Two seen at Brancaster Snaithe, Norfolk on 6 April

Two swallows seen at Cleland ceredigion on the 2nd of april

swallow seen in Ludlow yesterday, 15 april 2017

No swollows have arrived yet dose this mean they won't be coming back thay nest under my eves here in moresby parks Cumbria

Only just arrived over Lyme Regis 20/05/2017. Hot summer then?

Have seen no swallows at all The swifts are having the time of their lives!!

Winchester and Test Valley

I'm really missing the swallows. They are usually here by now. Their nest is empty.

The house martins which have nested here in Blairmore, Argyll for the past 7 years have not returned this year and nor is there a single martin to be seen in the skies. Does anyone know why?

none here now in edinburgh as of 7th may 2018
africa is going though years of droughts.
perhaps no water and so fewer insects for the birds to live on.
i was on Lesbos last week and markedly fewer there than i have seen before.

my swallows and swifts have not arrived yet just outside derby - they are running late this year just like the lat few years

No swallows in Manchester the skies are empty. What's going on.

We normally have the skies full and that is before the babies are born but this year hardly any swallows. We are in South Wales. Anyone know why?

Coventry here . only 2 awifts usually 20 above my house. Some thing bad has happened to them !
Hate the silent skies. Pam Draper.

No swallows in Oldham my husband has been looking out for them - saw 2 in Manchester last week.

No swallows/swifts in Bognor Regis, the skies are deafeningly quiet and I keep looking out for them. Can anyone explain what has happened to them please.

My husband is also looking out for swallows- extremely unusual not to see any yet here on outskirts of Brightlingsea- has anyone any information why unseen as yet ?

Also no swifts or house martins , sand martins - see above message

Have been seeing four swifts over my neighbourhood in Leek, Staffs, until this morning; now there are nine. Late arrivals? Surely it’s too early for fledglings?
Swallows at a nearby chemical factory. There are plenty of farms around but the birds seem to be based at the works. Open-ended outbuildings with the nooks & crannies amongst the girders & pipes must serve the same purpose as the beams in a wooden barn, I assume.

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