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3 swifts 2 swallows and 4 house martins seen over the last week in East Sussex. The martins today 27.5.18. So few, it’s really sad.

Have just seen my first swallows this morning! Was beginning to think they were never going to arrive!Was checking the nests in our outbuildings yesterday and nothing and now they are swooping all over the yard! So happy they are back!😀😀

I saw a small group of swifts flying above Hoylake Wirral this week and they were having a good screech. Will keep my eyes peeled for more numbers fingers crossed.

We have lived in the New Forrest for almost 80 years, 47 in the same property near Ringwood where until recently we have always had nesting Martins. However last year they did not appear nor did we see any other Martins or Swallows all Summer. So far this year there have been none, there are the normal numbers of all the other birds in fact an increase in numbers of Blackbirds, finches and Sparrows. Strangely very few Starlings except at Mudeford Quayside competing with the Gulls for scraps left by the grockles.
Can nobody explain the non-showing of the Swallows and Martins?

quite a few swifts in Uttoxeter Staffs, no swallows though, at least none that I've seen

Near Skipton North Yorkshire only seen a couple of swells this year so far.

Ours arrived a little later than usual and there are definitely fewer. But those here doing well.

Swallow arrived in Millers Dale

Still no house martinis hilton Derby 6 empty nests ?? May 3

Im quite concerned. My swallows always arrive before 6th May. Still no sign on 7th may and also no sign of any house martins or swifts in north northumberland

No swallows or swifts here in our South Somerset village. We had plenty last year, but none at all so far this year. I'm heartbroken.

We have swallows in the midlands about 7 seen so far in Wolverhampton

I live in Southend on Sea, and every year I keep a loockout for swifts. Saw two tiday (31st May) for the first time.

I usually see them much earlier in May, and many more than just two birds.

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