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Why not a re run of The Herbs. I can't remember if there was much gardening in it but Parsley the Lion was a great character.

Who would play the lead Jill:-0))

Good idea. All we need to do is put together a treatment and try it out on the BBC.

Meanwhile, helping you to think back...

There was "Greenfingers" with Clive Owen, about the prisoners who take their garden to Chelsea. That was a lovely, gentle film.

Never liked "Being There" but wasn't Peter Sellers a gardener in that?

There's "The Spanish Gardener" with Dirk Bogarde looking particularly gorgeous.

Then there's "The Secret Garden" with Margaret O'Brien and Dean Stockwell back in 1950, and of course they make the most extraordinarily good walled garden. It was also a good TV series when I was kid in the 70s.

"Tom's Midnight Garden" was more fun, though, as far as I remember.

Hmm, that's all I can think of at the moment

You have worked hard Helen:-0))

So we agree it could work then ;-0))

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