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I just hope the the Water Companies do not use it as an reason again to attack Horticulture and impose hose-pipe bans.

In my view hosepipe bans were imposed in 2006 through the deglect of the Water companies, some of which had 30% wastage through leaking pipes, whilst Horticulture takes an apparent 5% usage.

In 2006 our sales were down 50% as a direct result of the hosepipe ban. We could still water, but our customers could not, so did not buy plants, and our hosepipe ban was from April to November!

If that were to happen again this year, I suspect that many Nurseries, and Landscapers that rely on planting as a main source of income will suffer on top of our already struggling economy.

We cannot let the Water Companies get away with it again, and hopefully through forums such as this, should they impose bans, we should strongly oppose them.

They should get their own house "in order" before attacking Horticulture.

Passion yes, anger yes, if it were up to me I would nationalise the whole greedy lot of them with no compensation!

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