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Yet I see that all is forgiven with Jonathan Woss, its funny how the BBC work.

I very much agree with Bob's comment.

As Daphne had apologised to all concerned and admitted to her mistake....and we all make them! I would have thought that forgiveness and support would have been the BBC's course of action. We all deserve a second chance in life or we did in the days when people actually cared about each other rather than enforcing the blame culture. Considering all the pleasure, possitive stuff and helpful knowledge that Daphne has provided us with over the years I believe she has been very harshly treated indeed. As Bob said, it depends who you ( Jonathan Wross ) are and if your face fits these days.

You can be an ex con ,burglar and drug user/DEALER ,and still keep your job at the BBC,how strange the standards are of the the BBC.It was a big mistake to let her go ,she was very badley treated .

they had it in for her ever since she and others refused the new BBC terms concerning Gardener's Question Time. Don't you all recall her leaving that?
BBc are left wing parasites, living off the Licence Payer.
Dolly O'Halloran

Do miss Daphne's down to earth (pardon the pun) advise on the radio. Hope she is keeping well and getting on with her life.
Brenda Casemore

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