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Hi Philip, we are looking to sell our new UK manufactured plastic cellular paver into France. Could you help via the magazine or website or do you feel that you may be able to be an agent?


andy law

we also own whitemoss eco supplies

Very interesting indeed

Could you tell me has this business been sold?
If not could you tell me the price and is the accommodation included?

Gardening and flower business for sale in France

Hi I wanted to know how much the business is going for and is it sold with the houe or seperate, How do I find out more about this, and when more or less is it for sale

Thank you

Hi, I was wondering whether the business has already been sold? I am a horticulturalist looking for an opportunity like this one.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, has the business been sold ? Regards, Nathalie

Hi nthere, is the business still available....long shot i know!

Yes, the house and garden are now sold

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