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That list is very useful to me as we're infested with the little critters. You can add "Oleander" and "Pittosporum". I planted some new roses recently and they nibbled the new leaflets during the first night. I protected them with netting but once they started to get established, I've had no more probs with the rabbits (only a leaf cutter bee). It's an uphill battle 'innit ?

Thanks for this very useful list! I didn't imagine that there might be so many plants that the little blighters would leave alone.. although my pet rabbits and guinea pigs loved crocosmia! Also, we have heuchera which is struggling due to their attentions..but that still leaves a lot to try.


Nice list! I was wondering why you don't mention rabbit repellent as a method. We’ve tried a bunch and found DeFence to work the best. It’s organic and natural.

Yes, that can be so frustrating when little animals, such as rabbits eat your plants. I wonder how a landscaping contractor could help me animal proof my flower gardens?

That's a huge list, thanks. Bunnies are cute but that doesn't mean they have to be free to destroy our gardens :)

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