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Perhaps revealing the location will inspire BBC licence fee-payers to now start protesting at the entrance to 'Greenacre', where they can vent their frustration at a programme that's become little more than a bit of badly done comedy on a Friday evening.

Perhaps it's also time we found out what the dumbed down Gardeners' World is actually costing the BBC licence fee-payer?

Are you up for that, Phil?

Thanks for your comment John

I do feel that the BBC have really misjudged the Gardeners' World viewer.

I understand what GW wanted to do by throwing gardening open to a wider audience and make beginners feel part of the show but their regulars have been completely neglected in the new format.

For goodness sakes, why not have had a new garden as a weekly feature or filmed at viewers gardens throughout the UK.

It's about time the BBC woke up to what is wanted and not what they want.

Hee, hee, I think we should be told! I read some weeks ago that Greenacre was supposed to be within sight of Birmingham Botanic gardens - although I couldn't spot it when I was there a few weeks ago. Winterbourne Botanic is just around the corner from the BBG's however, so it all sounds feasable.

If it is supposed to be a secret (and I'm not sure thats any more than a bit of mischevious hype) then it won't stay that way for long - you can't introduce that level of activity into what is a fairly quiet neighbourhood without plenty of people catching on!

I went to Barnsdale garden the other weekend, I believe parts have evolved a bit since Geoff Hamilton presented Gardener's World from there but even so I think its stood the test of time and is a really enjoyable day out, I wonder if the same will be said about Greenacres in twenty years time. After watching Geoff present an episode of Gardens World I was out looking for ways to fit what I'd just seen in to my own garden, even if it was just one of Bob Flowerdew's creations. Now though I struggle to recall what was in the last episode of Gardener's World let alone be inspired by it.

I was doing some work today at one of Birmingham university's houses in Edgbaston Park Road, and I can 100% confirm that Greenacre is the old rugby field behind Winterbourne Gardens.

I am fed up with seeing holes dug every week plants and trees planted and never seen again. This week we saw Toby planting a fruit bush in the middle of a lawn, without any plan of what he intends to do in the future. Can't we see a plan of the whole garden and some idea of how intends to acheive it.

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