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when will suppliers learn that "cheap" isn't the only thing that people look for, - A cheap lawnmower is one that will only cut a very small lawn, with a bad finish no choice in cutting height and will give out after a year or 2 of use. - A value for money lawnmower however is what people are looking for. - if you're going to post on a blog like this, - write for the people who are reading and might be going to your site, - not just the search engines, and you might actually get me to click through

Hi Claire

Thank you for your comment - I am sorry if I have upset you.

I have written extensively about machinery from my experience as a professional gardener over over twenty five years.

Here is one post here

I used the title 'cheap mowers' because people do search for cheap mowers and if that is what they are looking for then they will click through.

As you say, if you are not interested then you will pass it by.

Kind regards


hi there, ive just started up my own buisness and am thinking in investing in a expnsive hedge cutter. i like the feel of the single sided machines are they better for pro's? i like the look of the echo 331. but i was also wondering if its best to get a long handled one and make do with the cheap petrol one i got. i dunno and need some advice.
stuart payne 22 from devon

Hi Stuart

Thanks for your comment. As a professional, I have always preferred a single sided blade.

It is worth spending the right money and maybe keep your older machine for the lower quality work.

Hope this helps


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