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I have just read the despicable article that you have published concerning the murder of Peter Fuller at Les Mirandes.
Firstly I would like to say that I have known and been a friend of Mr Fuller for some 20 odd years and frequently spent time with Peter at Les Mirandes.

Not only do I find this article offensive I also find it totally disrespectful to write such an unpleasant article considering the appalling way in which Mr Fuller lost his life.
Peter's relatives and friends are totally devastated at this hideous crime the overwhelming grief that they suffering at the moment is something that nobody should be subjected to , the insensitivity in which this article is written is absolutely unforgivable.
If you cannot respect somebody who has been robbed of their life in such an appalling manner as least you should respect the feelings of those who have been left behind to have to come to terms with life without their loved one.
I personally am asking you to remove this article at once as it is written in the most appallingly bad taste.

Perhaps through lack of knowledge of common decency you did not realise the amount of hurt that you have caused to several people who are grieving the demise of Peter by issuing this article however one would expect at a time like this that a common courtesy would be extended.
If anybody could be so thoughtless as to think this article is acceptable morally then they need to hope that they never find themselves subject to the same situation occurring to them maybe then on reflect they would realise the foolishness of their actions and the unacceptable amount of damage that their words have caused.
An apology to his family is the least you could do .

Mrs Rhona Porter


Thank you for your comments. I am sorry that you have been upset by my article and my sympathies go to you and Peter's family.

This piece has received an awful lot of attention; it makes me uncomfortable but I do stand by what is written (although I am considering my position).

I have read an awful lot about this case myself on other news sites that is inaccurate but I suppose that the difference with myself as opposed to the newspaper and Internet journalists is that I have made my details available and facilitated the right of reply.

I did speak with a member of Peter's family yesterday and offered my condolences.

It would now be inappropriate for me to comment anymore on Les Mirandes. I hope that justice is done and everyone who knew Peter is allowed to remember him in their own way.


Philip Voice

I find this article to be a fairly candid account of vital experience. Compared with the trash that one has to read in tabloids, it feels flawed precisely because it feels human, and as such, it is uncomfortable.

Relatives and friends will be appalled by this and Philip too by its consequences, probably. But he has gained credibility by behaving like a true journalist and not some PR act.

Facts are often uncomfortable. Just because something affects us personally we cannot expect free speech to be suspended on the grounds of "bad taste".

having just read your article and opinion of Peter Fuller I must add that I have known Peter and his family well over the last twenty years and Peter was a loyal and hard working man . He loved and provided for his family always and this never changed throughout his life, he was a constant support to them all in many ways, as they were to him. He always held his own counsil and didn`t as far as I know rely on any one to prop him up, either financially or otherwise. I can only assume that you feel let down in some way.

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