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As promised here goes! It was good to chat this morning and alot of what you say makes sense, how we get there I am not sure at the moment, but hopefully we will. I will be in touch after my break.
Kind regards
Adam Frost.

Interesting reading Philip - I have long held the belief that if the industry could pull together under the banner of one organisation, our voice would be louder and cross-sector working easier. The APL, SGD and BALI could save costs re admin, buying power etc., but there are politics involved, inevitably. However, with financial pressures ever-present, maybe it is time to have such a debate.
Chris (former editor of Garden Design Journal [SGD magazine])

Philip - I think this is a good idea, and something I have long been interested in discussing (in fact I wrote a letter to the editor of the SGD journal last year on this topic). The SGD, APL and BALI share similar markets so it would make (logical) sense to pool resources, efforts and knowledge. However, as ever, there is the issue of politics and organisation-focused agendas - but these must be resolved. Working together would ensure better industry profile, reduced admin and overheads costs, and a clearer identity for potential clients. Makes sense to me...
Chris Young (former editor of SGD's Garden Design Journal)

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