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I wasn't aware that the green shield bug was a threat to some crops, so I learnt something today:) I know they emit a foul smell if you pick them up.

I seem to be spending hours picking off vine weevils and chucking them in a bucket of water at the moment. Maybe their numbers are a symptom of improved summer weather this year?

I don't know for sure but there do seem to be a lot more insects and butterflies around this year.

It is quite sad how many lose their life in our swimming pool - has anyone got a solution to this?

Thanks for your comment Rob

I nearly chewed a Southern Green Shield Bug that was clinging to a raspberry I ate today. I noticed the raspberry tasted wrong somehow, so was the texture (the bug). I spat the whole lot out and the bug happily wandered off along the mesh covering the raspberry bush. We live in the West Midlands of the UK.

This bug lacked the brown marking of the Common Green which leads me to suspect this bug has travelled.

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