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Great post. As a full time contractor, I wasted an insane amount of time meeting people who had no idea as to how much landscaping costs. Thats why we started BluShirt.

The problem I kept hearing, as stated above, was - well it depends on what you want. So I gave people a variety of options to choose what they wanted.

I hope it helps. Mike

Wow Mike your site looks amazing! Do you know if it might be able to make the site available to the English market? It is certainly something I feel allot of landscapers over here would find very useful.


I can totally relate to your post, people just do not have any idea of what the cost's can be, one client said to me that he only budgeted for £1,500 and then i explained to him once i sent the quote that only the purchase of the paving he wanted was £1,450.00

Good article. Re-scaping your property can be a huge endeavor, so it's natural that people want to know what it'll cost. But, as you note, every situation is different so providing some kind of unit pricing to arrive at an estimate without delving into the details of the design is impossible. The fear for landscapers, obviously, is that without a definitive answer, how do we secure these homeowners as clients?

One consideration is, can they afford NOT to remake their landscape? We've dealt with a lot of clients who need to improve curb appeal because they're going to be listing their house soon. The return on investment in that regard can't be ignored.

We try to provide as many answers as possible up front and we hope our website can offer some assurances before potential customers even pick up the phone.

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