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John - I was at the SRT open day too - very convincing trials grounds and I must say the chips were very good.

I've been growing Sarpo Mira since it became available gardeners and it's blight resistance is remarkable. The resistance to virus is important too - I haven't bought new seed since the first ones and this year there's not a virused plant in the whole plot.

I thought S. Kifli was tops for flavour, shame it doesn't have foliage resistance.

Good news item you've written here on LJ - lets hope it arouses some interest - the folks at SRT deserve success for all their dedicated work.

I have grown sarpo mira and axona and have been very satisfied with the crop. My ground is very susceptable to blight and other varieties do not do well. I see that there is now an earlier variety sarpo shona. Where can I buy the seed. They are not listed on the T & M website.

William, as far as I know 'Sarpo Shona' won't be available to gardeners for 2010, due to very limited stocks, but 'Blue Danube' (the dark blue tubers in the pic above) is available.

'Sarpo Mira' and 'Sarpo Axona' are available as both organically and chemical-input grown seed potatoes.

The information at doesn't seem to mirror what's offered in their Kitchen Gardener's Catalogue 2010. For a copy of that email [email protected], or call 0844 573 1818.

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