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Marvellous stuff, Phil, this gave me a really good chuckle.

Never mind "shufflers", you'll all be welcome at The hard Landscaping Show!

I particular like the concept of blaming the visitors for the show content, I think lady S. has a big future in Event PR!

It should be noted that Inga's 10 per cent increase in staff consisted almost exclusively of new 'managers' at Vincent Square, all of whom are being paid much higher salaries than the horticulturists who are now facing the chop at Wisley et al. How in God's name can Lady C say that this doesn't equate to a cut? She needs to look beyond the numbers.

I haven't read the HW piece but from the above it seems that Christine Skelmersdale's views typify those held by those in the 'upper echelons' of the RHS – that modern society has gone to the dogs and that we're all damned lucky that we've got them to help give us some inspiration for our gardens. I'm looking forward to seeing what sort of wake-up call the RHS is going to get early next year when it realises how many more exhibitors have pulled out of Chelsea.

One final bit! I was interested to see a statement from the RHS in the 26 Sept issue of Amateur Gardening in response the Unite union's criticism of the planned job cuts. Here are the highlights: "The RHS is financially sound... we are forecasting a healthy surplus this year… so far this year we have seen record numbers of visitors to our gardens… while we are achieving some excellent results, the restructure is essential to our ongoing success, and the RHS remains committed to its strategy and change programme."

Funny how the RHS is beginning to sound like our greedy bankers.

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