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Most of the larger companies are already CHAS approved, some like us are Safeguard Approved, Peninsula approved, UKVD etc etc,
Since you already need City & Guilds tickets to even get started, it just seems like another layer of uneccessary gold plating.
In a recession such attempted protectionism simply strangles the small businesses. They are out chasing approvals of one sort or another instead of new business.

As a contractor with both CHAS and Constructionline Approval, the next progression for me feels like the AA approved contractor scheme, but as a small business, I really do have to look beyond whether the cost implications are feasible, an asses whether they are actually possible at the moment.
I noticed this new TreeCareApproved Scheme which has come out as part of the TrustMark accreditation, and that seems to be a blatant voluntary tax on small businesses. Interestingly it would appear that it's more expensive to be accredited with TrustMark if you are an Arborist, than if you were any other trade!!!
I think that the Arb Association should attempt to consolidate all of these schemes so that successful approval to the AA scheme automatically approves you for the rest (CHAS, Constructionline, TrustMark, Check a Trade blah blah blah the list goes on).

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