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I'd go along with much of what you say. Gardening is essentially a territorial activity - without someone in charge, it's not really something "communities" can do very effectively together.

The "community garden" at my local, expensively refurbished park, hasn't been a great success - much as I predicted ( ). They may not even bother next year.


You can't get a hug until you get a hoody.

'It takes all sorts' as they say. Community activity seems to suit some people but I'm very much in the John Walker camp and enjoyed his piece although it goes against current 'trends'

Being an old fart I can recall the old times when in my rural area there was community, but of a kind where each household retained it's individual identity and space. However the community was strong and the openness to sharing and helping out in times of adversity was profound.

These days the only community effort round here is neighbourhood watch - organised to help residents hold on to their possessions.

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