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'We may feel relieved if someone actually says that it's not good enough. I have undone work which took me a winter of hard physical labour because someone accurately pointed out to me that it didn't look good. That was painful. But I knew they were right and that my reward would be the pleasure of seeing something better.'

I for one would be on the floor if a client said this but even worse, that I would agree. Surely one strives to get it right the first time?

LOL, learned long ago if I'm working in my garden and it's easy, I'm doing it wrong.

Perhaps the point was to be a landscape critic along the line of movie & music critics.

Gardening, in the states, receives a pass. The results are Flower Shows closing across our country and the condition/looks of the average American landscape, oh my, tidy.

Tidy landscapes mean good landscapes in the states. Tidy is important but landscape design companies shouldn't get a free pass with tidy and nothing else.

It's not much more bother to create a fabulous landscape than a tidy one.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

I must admit that (as a gardening writer myself) I've read Anne Wareham's piece in The Guardian twice now, and I have not a clue what she is going on about. Frankly, I can't see the point of it.

She must be writing for a very small and select inner audience is the only conclusion I can reach. That her blog has attracted only two comments seems to bear this out - and one of those is saying they don't 'get it'.

Ms Wareham is one of the architects of, and a glance through it suggests that this is where that inner audience lies. Some of the other inhabitants of ThinkinGardens, with any respects due, do seem to be rather up themselves.

I am in shock. For the first time in the history of the universe, I agree with John Walker's comment 100 per cent.

Probably won't happen again though...

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