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Perfect reasons for planting the right plant in the right spot.

Want a 4' tall hedge? Use plantings maturing at 4' tall.

Sometimes, especially at the front foundation of a home, it's best to take a bad hedge out.

Everytime I've done this with a client they've said the same thing, "If I'd known it would look this good simply taking plants away I would have done it years ago."

Ironically, I find men the most resistant to taking plants away but the most enthusiastic once it's done. Of course it's their wife pushing to follow my idea.
Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

when costing/quoting to cut/trim/lower/lopping a hedge for a customer (even though very experienced) costs such as :
1. sharpening blades once/twice a year
2. servicing hedgecutter
3. servicing trailers
4. greasing gearing on hedgecutters/ time and £7.00 a tube , plus collection.
5.quoting time and petrol
6.collecting and unlocking trailer/storage time.
7.disposing of waste after taking away (1.5hrs)
8.locking tools away and buying the 2-stroke/petrol
9.paying staff wages

i will stop here , but will finally mention the 'insurance costs for 'Public Liability' and 'Employers'

oh and washing all the bits/dirt from clothes/self.

and cleaning / servicing / vehicle/ truck £250 for a days hedging + removal is very cheap !

My Father Mr Hellier was charged £240 cash for trimming 3 medium sized hedges and 2 small hedged all very straightforward. The Contractor Mr L Hughes had 4 men with him and had all the necessary equipment to cut and chip and shred waste on the premises this took an hour from 11am to Midday. I was not there that day but my young sister and Dads Carer were. Dad is terminally ill and insisted on talking to the Contractor himself and my Sister went to the cash point to get the cash...I felt this was an outrageous amount when I found out so I called Mr Hughes. He was very rude to me when I approached on the subject of Mr Helliers work and shouted a number of expletives at me and in total put the phone down 5 times the last because his Sunday breakfast was getting cold! Please could you give me some advice here as I would gratefully appreciate it? Thank you Kind regards Amandajane Hellier

Can you explain why you think the amount charged was unreasonable Amanda?

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