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Nope, I have absolutely no problem with someone smoking who works out doors.

I rather them have a cheeky fag now and then than not concentrate 'cos they crave a ciggy.

I am a anti smoker..i would not employ a smoker ! i think the habit is disgusting! my entire team is no smoking and we offer a non smoking workplace...!

I agree it's massively unprofessional. I don't object to my lads doing it, just get off site or completely out of site! After all we're not being paid to smoke are we?

I used to make the lad who worked for me leave the clients property to go and have a ciggy. - It meant that he had to do it in his lunch break like anyone in an office or shop would have to. - I once had someone do work experience with me who lit up in a client garden, when I said that I asked staff to smoke out of the garden, she replied, well if I worked for you I would, and carried on, - needless to say, she never did work for me!

Smoking is really not good and I speak as an x should be banned from the work place totally, where does that butt end up? in the borders or in an ash tray? I know where my guys used to push them and it was not into an ash tray......what does that say about your firm and the proffesional image we are trying to achieve for our industry..

I'm not so concerned with whether someone has one or not but the time they take to have one or two or three. Time is money. Last year I had a kid who kept taking smoking breaks and all the time I had to bill out his time plus mine - slows down efficiency and obviously it is not good for you.

I wouldn't mind if I had a gardener who smoked, so long as I didn't find cigarette butts all over the place and he or she didn't waste time doing it. Before they were cast out to the street corners by society, smokers used to work and smoke at the same time. That's pretty easy if you're working in the garden.

I'm not a smoker and never have been, but I'm fed up with smokers being hounded and if there's one place they're not bothering anyone, it's surely outside where there's plenty of ventilation.

i've worked with plenty of people who dont smoke but who waste more time at work gassing, going to the toilet, drinking pop or pretending to be busy instead of just getting on with it.
I also know a few smokers who work very hard and deserve that 3 minute stop to stand back and look at their work.
People are people and should have a work ethic whether they smoke or not.
I wouldnt leave a fag butt anywhere in sight and in fact I only smoke out of view.

Whether you smoke or not does not have any bearing on both the quality of work and a work 'ethic'.

Much puritanical nonsense is thrown at smokers. For example, 'It doesn't look professional'. What on earth does that mean? Who's looking and judging? In all honesty, quality and know how are prerequisites for doing a good job. If you smoke so be it. It's out doors for heaven's sake and so long as you pick up the butts- fine!

The real downside to smoking and outdoor work is that smokers may be left a little breathless following strenuous work!

I'm an ex- smoker, it's a dangerous habit, but rather than rail against smokers as seems usual with many 'quitters' I just think there's too much clap trap and sillyness directed towards those that par take in the odd ciggy outside.

Thanks everyone for their your comments - smoking clearly still stirs opinion.

I am not prejudice against smokers but here are a couple of things that bothers me.

Smoking in my presence (especially in a confined area [not that this has been a problem lately with the smoking ban]).

Smoking in works vans.

Taking breaks for smoking whilst non-smokers carried on. From an employers perspective, it's hard to see how a worker can be fully productive when their hands are occupied.

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