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I think Marshalls have some serious questions to answer with regard to key components of their business, and I'm certainly looking forward to a discussion centred on their 'ethically sourced' Indian sandstone/carbon footprint. Ever since they launched Indian sandstone with its 'ethical wrapper', I've had an increasingly uneasy feeling about it.

Sandstone is heavy stuff, and it burns fuel to get it here. India's quite a long way from the UK. Ethical sourcing or not, surely there's something that's fundamentally wrong about UK gardeners driving the destruction of natural habitats in far-off lands (not that that sandstone is the only culprit), and pumping out greenhouse gases to actually get it here?

Importing paving stone from half way round the planet is surely completely against the current trend for localisation?

Wouldn't it be more honest and more ethically sound to supply demand for garden stone from within our own national resources - or are we too worried about trashing our own environment?

And if we aren't prepared to do that, shouldn't we be looking at recycling much more material into 'paving' and by doing so, gardening within our ecological means?

What's wrong with educating gardeners that raw, natural stone, unless it's already been used and is being recycled, not quarried fresh, is off the gardening menu?

I hope Marshalls will be contribute on the site and answer your questions John.

I also hope other large organisations will join up and participate in discussions on a variety of subjects.

To use that cliché this space!

'Workers should be able to join and form trade unions'
A an admirable comment by Mr Harrop regarding his Company's activities in India, but do all areas of Marshalls plc in the UK have Union recognition??

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