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Has anyone advertised recently in a national or local title and been able to justify the cost? I have run a number of ads in different publications over the last 6 months, all with associated editorial, and it has got me nowhere...I would love someone to contradict my growing suspicion that I'm wasting my money...

When you say "national or local title .... different publications....all with associated editorial" I think of the people that ring me constantly selling ad space in mags for the Police, the council, NHS or whoever. I have never dealt with any of these.
I do, however use the Yellow Pages. It is expensive sounding but when you consider the huge potential and the fact that I get many calls from my ad I feel that it definately works for me :)


Firstly I have yet discovered a decent garden / landscaping publication which doesn't simply publish direct PR from the plethora of organisations related to the industry or concentrate on products. gardening has always been seen as an easy market to tap into, with the presumption that the huge quantity of interested people in the UK will lap up any old rubbish (and they often do). With a seperate industry now evolved from this media, they are having to take a protectionist stance against the fact that the internet allows for instant and rapid response, transparency and most importantly a geographical distribution of opinion which has been largely ignored in the printed press.

I would never consider advertising again in printed publications except on a very local level.

Economy and media Changes are interesting evolution.

Yes sure there is a place now more than ever for a online magazine just like buying E-book- why not getting it all by E-mail for example -as a paid service??

First, do we really want to read only from a screen.

The other point is the fact that still not everybody are using the web as readers and the difficult to bring and share information with people is still not that easy. What do I mean?

For example I Have few innovative gardening products and few more to launch- some are real new- If I try to market it only online: the amount of people that will be exposed is limited only to part of the online users that somehow will see it.

In the last few weeks my website was mentioned on the amateur gardening magazine - that led to many visitors that probably would not discover the website online.

So still will be interesting to see how the gardening media will be effected, weather will be less magazines and weather they will be changed a bit.

I have placed 1/4 page ads in gardens illustrated and icon architectural magazine for the last 3 months ...can't say I have had any direct sales ......I'll keep you posted can get very very cheap deals at the moment.....also after speaking with about 5 or 6 website owners affiliate marketing (pay per click) does not work for the web owners either......

I've done some pay per impression banner advertising for our ecommerce site, which was hopeless. Has anyone had any luck with Adwords either? I spent a lot of time on some modest campaigns and got reasonable click through rates but no conversions - does that sound familiar? Grrr...

Interestingly, the best response rate for anything I've tried has been from LJN!

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