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The figures are indeed depressing, especially for those of us whose income comes partially from such titles. However, it is not entirely suprising. Over the past few years some publishers have adopted a merry-go-round policy when it comes to recruiting editors with a new face appearing at the helm every few years. One mag has even had four editors in the space of about three or four years. Like a good football team, you need consistency - changing the person at the top on a regular basis will never yield the results publishers want.

I was taliking to a friend on Tuesday who works for a glossy magazine publisher. They don't have any gardening publications in their stable but do have a lot of top titles. They have just got a new MD or CEO (I can't remember which) and the main thing he/she is going to do is to develop the internet side of the business.

I'm a Pompey fan Martyn... we've had four editors, err I mean owners in 6 months :(

Simon - I think editors have to develop paper around their web to survive this. In the meantime, the internet is going to continue to disrupt printed media.

It's not just gardening mags either...

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